It is essential that health and educational professionals consider sleep when assessing and supporting children and teenagers with developmental disabilities and their families.
Gregory Stores, a UK doctor has advocated for many years that we require the training of professionals and development of support services at three levels (Stores 2010)

  • 1. Those working in the home and local community services.

  • 2. General paediatirc services.

  • 3. Specialist sleep services.

These webinars are aimed for the allied health and educational professionals working in the home and local community. Research & clinical practice in addressing sleep disturbance in children and teenagers with developmental delay is growing and there is now a body of evidence to support intervention.Workers have the potential to run sleep education sessions for parent/carers in their own communities or support individual families.

Children who present with medical issues such as sleep-related breathing and movement problems, epilepsy, G-I, reflux, constipation, allergies, eczema, pain and severe anxiety require referral to medical health professional.